Big Bee Honey

Big Bee Honey has been brought to you directly from the hives and packed in plastic amber bottles to preserve quality. Big Bee Honey is made from raw honey and contains no added preservatives. Our farmers have handpicked the best of their produce to add more nutrition in your life. 100% natural as certified by FSSAI and Equinox Lab.

Big Bee Honey is an effective antioxidant as it comprises of the significant antioxidant compounds such as glucose oxidase, catalase, ascorbic acid, flavonoids and selenium. Get your pack now!

Premium Small Bee Honey

The rarest form of pure honey found only during the winters amidst dense forest has been brought to you by us in bottles of pure joy. The specialty of this small bee honey lies in the fact that while other honey bees can produce up to twenty kgs of honey; small bee honey produces only one kg of honey. Also, farming small bee honey bees can result into their death, and thus extreme care and precautions have been taken while producing our product. Premium Small Bee Honey is not farmed but collected directly from the hives making it 100% natural.

Premium Small Bee Honey is India’s first, unique and most natural form of honey ever put on shelves. It is packed in plastic Amber bottles that retain it’s delicious and nutritional values. The taste of this kind of honey is something you have never had before. The smooth texture slides down your throat, giving your taste buds an out of the world experience. You would want to ask for more!

Product specialities

The honey produced is carefully stored in Amber bottles to preserve the nutritional value of the product. Amber bottles help in filtering out blue and ultraviolet lights, resulting in safe storage facilities. The goodness of a product lies in its packaging, and we make sure to take care of that.

Small Bee honey is a scarce product and found only in limited proportions. We believe in bringing the best to you and strive to create a healthier lifestyle with this honey. India has been using this honey in Ayurvedic medicines for the past 4000 years. It is helpful in improving eyesight, weight loss, curing impotence and premature ejaculation, urinary tract disorders, bronchial asthma, diarrhea, and nausea.

It’s not just us who claim Forest Bee Honey to have the best quality. Our products are 100% certified by FSSAI and Equinox Lab. The entire process from hive to production to packaging has been monitored by us to maintain consistency and quality. We assure giving you authentic and hand-picked honey products that are examined and testified for purity and grade.

Pure forms of honey have just the same components found in fruits, which helps improve digestion. On mixing honey with ginger and lemon juices, you can heal nausea, and it additionally serves as a source of energy. Honey has been appreciated for the nutritional value it holds, and amylase, an enzyme concentrated in flower pollen helps predigest starchy foods like bread.

The honey you find in grocery stores are processed by, and health benefits are specific to unpasteurized honey. Raw honey is gathered direct from the honey extractor, making it the most pure form of sweet liquid that honeybees produce from the concentrated nectar of flowers. It is unheated, unpasteurized, unprocessed honey. Switching to raw honey is the best option with regards to monetary and health benefits. When nature has so much to offer why not optimise the benefits rather than looking for false and unhealthy choices?