Wild Forest Honey 500gm

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  • Wild Bee honey comes in a raw form that is unadulterated and as pure as it can be.
  • The honey is extracted with extreme care and caution and is brought straight to your homes!
  • Our bottles of pure sweetness and joy are packed in glass bottles to promote a sustainable environment and lessen the use of plastic. These glass bottles maintain the taste and nutritional value of the honey.
  • Bringing to you in a variety of flavours such as litchi and Jamun that are both tasty and healthy to consume.
  • The texture is smooth and easy to swallow. We assure that you may have never tasted something quite exquisite like this before!


Wild bee honey is a form of raw honey that is unprocessed. This honey that is extracted with caution and care is brought straight to your homes as it is. Keeping the sustainability of nature in mind, we pack our honey in glass bottles that retains the freshness and the unique taste of the wild bee honey. Since olden times, raw honey has been used as a remedy, as it has a variety of health benefits and medical benefits. However, most branded honey packs that you find in the stores are purified and processed which disturbs the natural components of the honey-making it adulterated in nature.

If an individual is suffering from health issues, raw honey helps control them all. It helps stabilize blood sugar when consumed early morning on an empty stomach. It lowers cholesterol and boosts immunity. Some of the variants in raw honey also have anti-cancer elements that can prove to be quite helpful for cancer patients. We pack this goodness that is sweet and yet healthy in its natural form to boost your health and immunity.

Wild honey in its purest form is collected from the honeycombs of bees that feast on the nectar of wildflowers which is how they procured the name. The taste and composition are said to change with the seasons. What doesn’t change is the endless list of benefits. Honey is multipurpose. It can be consumed as a sweetener with teas and coffees. In the olden days, it was also used as a form of healing wounds.

Honey, in all its forms and flavours, is good for health no matter the time you consume. Sourcing organic wild bee honey from the Himalayas, Indonesian forests and the Nilgiris you can be assured to receive the best the region has to offer. Flavours so complete and tasty, good for health and brought to you with the utmost care. What more could you ask for!