Acacia Honey 1kg

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  • Acacia honey is collected straight from the honeycomb and brought to your homes in the most unadulterated way possible.
  • The honey is extracted from bees that feast on the acacia trees that are complete with thorns around it. Hence, the process is conducted with extreme care and caution to maintain the purity of the product.
  • Packed in bottles of hexagonal shapes, this honey with its light flowery taste and tantalizing aroma is sure to get you hooked to it!
  • It is unfiltered, natural and oh so good for your taste buds and your health brought to you from the farms of Kashmir.


Acacia honey is a light syrupy liquid that is collected from the bees that pollinate the flowers of the black locust tree, also known as the false acacia. The acacia tree blossoms are heavily fragrant, which attracts the bees. While the tree is native to the Southeastern United States, it is now found in many areas of North America and some parts of Europe.

Ideally, Acacia honey is very light in colour and ranges from Water White to Extra White sometimes appearing almost transparent. This means that you can hold the jar up to the light and nearly see through it. The taste is sweet and very mild, with a few floral hints and a whisper of vanilla. It has almost no aftertaste.

In India, Acacia Honey is found in the Himalayan forests of Kashmir and is sourced from there to all parts of the country. The honey is only collected in May in Kashmir. It is high in its health benefits, especially for its antioxidant properties. In comparison to the various types of honey, Acacia honey is the one that does not crystallize quickly.

Acacia honey comes with anti-bacterial properties which helps kills bacteria within the body. It can also be used to heal wounds as an irritation-free agent. It is also an excellent potion that can be consumed by diabetic people to regulate their sugar. However, any form of honey should be consumed in moderation because all forms of honey contain natural sugars like fructose.