The Forest BEE

With a mission of presenting genuine organic products, The Forest Bee has introduced two extremely healthy products. Our products contain no added preservatives and are made from raw honey to squeeze all the health benefits.

Honey has been traditionally known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial nectar to heal wounds, burns and bacterial infections. Often used as a first aid antidote and an excellent source of instant energy. We aim to promote natural and sustainable foods that help in enhancing human life quality along with preserving mother nature.

Our Mission

The Forest Bee crafts beautiful honey-based products that are distinct, valued and healthy for the body and for the planet. We inform people about bees, honey and their importance to our personal health and the health of our planet through education and a strong brand message. As a business we will operate responsibly and generate a profit to ensure the sustained viability of the brand, product availability for our customers and a healthy and rewarding culture for our team.

Our Vision

” Better bees, better honey, better life “

is our slogan and our vision. We are working forward together to achieve our goal through our monthly activity, our public awareness campaign, and our series of workshops as well.