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Zanab Mansoori
Business Analyst

Pure and good honey. It was the first time I bought small bee and I feared the taste wouldn't be to my liking - but it was tasty and pure otherwise most of the honey which are easily available in the market it contents the jaggery and sugar. Like i was reading a review about Dabur honey before buying and i found really worst comments about the squeezy pack. But m glad I chose to order this. And natural honey does have lots of benefits. So you can go for this brand!

Top Manager

Tastes Great.Very Fast deliver.Did a simple test to check its purity by putting half spoon of honey in vessel then added some water and on shaking I got amazed to see honey comb structure,a feature of pure honey whereas fake one doesn't show this.There are a ton of honey brands available in India but I settled with this one and i must say it stands for what its says...The taste is really that of a wild honey because i had used the wild honey before which i bought from a village...so just go for it and give it a try....Worth IT..

Family User

Good taste. Very thick compare to most of the honey brands available in market. Using it as a health drink.

Takesh D Malgonkar

Very unusual and distinct from the usual sweet syruped stuff you get from many big brands in our country. Nice !!!

Shailesh B
Company Owner

Was apprehensive of using a lesser known product but now satisfied with the quality... particularly the TASTE and PURITY of honey. Definitely a premium product in comparison to run of the mill products available in the market.

Shawn Samuel

This is a very niche honey and the quality right from the taste of the honey to packaging is well though. This is highly recommended to all.