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One of the most popular home remedies for treating illness and for overall well-being is honey. Raw honey is known to cure many ailments. However, the products found in the market are processed to removed impurities, and in the process, honey loses most of its nutrients and other benefits. Honey has always been used in diets and reducing fats, and small bee honey plays a vital role in reducing weight or reducing beer belly. It can help reduce weight and cut down obesity when consumed regularly. Our ancestors have used honey from time immemorial. In fact, as per records raw honey is the most ancient sweetener and was used worldwide several million years ago.

Small bee has more nutrition than ordinary honey

Honey from stingless bees is known for its nutritional value, and It is twice as nutritious as regular honey. Small bees produce a lesser quantity of honey when compared to ordinary honeybees. Regular honey bees can provide up to 40 times more honey than stingless bees. The average honey production by small stingless honey bee colony is about 350 grams to 1kg of honey in a year. Hence, making them expensive and much more valuable.

Honey produced by a small bee is considered of high medicinal value as it collects nectar and pollen from small wild growing plants and trees. These bees mostly feed on coco palm, banana, guava, papaya, mango, tamarind, touch-me-not plant, jackfruit tree, Tulsi (Holy Basil), Communist pacha, teak for honey, pollen and resin.

Honey, dry ginger and obesity

Ginger is known as an adequate remedy for gastric and digestive problems. Ginger has a hot, and it activates taste buds. One of the best treatments for dry cold and cough is to mix freshly squeezed ginger syrup one spoon and mix 1/3 teaspoon of honey and consume it before bedtime and consume luke warm water post 15minutes of consuming ginger and honey. It relieves a sore throat and helps you get a peaceful sleep. Honey helps in reducing belly fat, beer belly or pot belly. Ginger prevents indigestion that may be caused due to honey. Hence, the combination of honey and ginger is one of the best tools for combating obesity.

Stingless bees honey mentioned in Ayurvedic text and old medical journals

Ayurveda is an ancient scripture that contains treatment for many ailments with the help of natural ingredients like trees, plants, and herbs. Small bee honey is mentioned in the scripture as natural medicine with a sweet taste. The best feature of stingless bee’s honey is that new born babies can consume it and it helps them defend themselves from any infections. There are several benefits of consuming small bee honey on a regular basis like enhanced libido and immune system, anti-aging, treating bronchial catarrh, sore throat, fighting bacteria, coughs, and colds. Stingless bee honey unquestionably has a lot of nutrients because meliponine is smaller than the ordinary bee and can suck nectar from flowers that might not be accessible to bigger honey bees. As a result, the honey collected contains many vitamins and minerals, among which is propolis, produced from the bee’s saliva mixed with its food such as pollen, bark, tree shoots and flowers.

There are many other benefits of consuming or adding small bee honey to your diet like it can help you resolve lack of sleep or anxiety issues and it can also be used as a natural sweetener instead of using sugar or other artificial sweeteners. Earth provides you the best of nature in many forms and honey is one of the most valued natural ingredients which slowly and gradually has won over millions of hearts.